7th Annual Encampment
Richlands, NC
April 2004
General Lee conversing with Captain Cole.
Sgt. Major Jake watching the troops.
Grasshopper and Fred Zep posing.
King Tommy looking royal as ever.
General Lee posing with Trotsky and Firebug.
"The Boys of Summer"
Chance, Matt, Mark, and Joe
War-in, General Lee, and Fiedel talk battle plans.
John guarding against Werewolves.
Trotsky, Buster, and Grasshopper.
General Lee (Al Stone), Captain Cole, and Chance.
Fresh Fish Rob, Bernie and Dylan.
Sons of Dixie justa sangin'.
Chance, Matt, Gumby, and Joe posing.
Matt, Bernie, Gary holding Roney, and Dylan.
Private Cole and Captain Cole... Kissing Up!